ML Bisgaard Group – University of Copenhagen

ML Bisgaard Group

Medical Genetics Program 

Research Interests

Hereditary cancer, genetics of tumor development, genotype-phenotype correlations

Current Project Areas

Determining molecular genetic drivers of hypoxia-induced angiogenesis in tumor development. using renal cell carcinoma and central nervous system hemangioblastoma as tumor models. We aim to gain deeper insight to early tumorgenesis and genes that play a part in promoting tumor growth and cyst development.

von Hippel Lindau disease, we aim to better understand the natural history of this hereditary tumor syndrome, including which factors contribute to the variable clinical phenotype of the disease in order to optimize prophylactic surveillance of the affected families.

Endolymphatic sac tumors of the inner ear (ELSTs): In a clinical study of von Hippel-Lindau patients who are predisposed to develop ELSTs, we aim to evaluate the clinical use of audiometry and imaging of the inner ear in early ELST diagnosis.

Hereditary colorectal cancer: characteristics and prevention


Human Genetics for medical students and odontological students


The national von Hippel-Lindau coordination group
International ELST study: Steen Gimsing (Vejle Hospital), Carsten Thomsen (Rigshospitalet), Daniel Aguirre (Madrid University hospital), Sally Watts (Guy’s hospital), Hiroshi Kanno (Yokosaka Hospital), Ashok Pillai (Amrita Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre), and Rachel Giles (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Angiogenesis study: The department of clinical genetics, Odense University hospital
Peloton Therapeutics
CAPP2 study group

Selected publications

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