Toledo Group

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 luis toledo photo

Luis Toledo
associate professor
room: 22.1.24
(+45) 35 33 06 13

DNA replication, DNA damage response, Drug screening, Cell biology

photo of riccardo vanzo

Riccardo Vanzo
room: 18.1
(+45) 35 32 14 12 

photo og gijs zonderland

Gijs Zonderland
PhD student
"Regulation of the endogenous S-phase checkpoint"
room: 18.1

photo of smapath amitash

Sampath Amitash Gadi
PhD student
"Unraveling the mechanisms by which replication forks recover from stress"
room: 18.1

photo of indre pauraite Indre Pauraite
master's thesis student
room: 18.1