12. oktober 2022

A highly successful CRICK-UCPH symposium

On September 16th, 2022, the first ‘CRICK-UCPH symposium’ entitled ‘Transcribing, Replicating, and Repairing the Genome’ was held in the Haderup Auditorium, Panum Institute. The symposium was initiated by Prof. Jesper Q. Svejstrup (ICMM), and co-organized by Profs. Ian D. Hickson (ICMM) and Jiri Lukas (NNF-CPR). Four internationally renowned scientists from the Francis Crick Institute in London (Simon Boulton, John Diffley, Charlie Swanton and Steve West), together with six leading scientists from the ICMM and the CPR of the University of Copenhagen (Julien Duxin, Anja Groth, Ian Hickson, Eva Hoffmann, Niels Mailand and Jesper Svejstrup) presented a series of excellent talks at this symposium. (A detailed symposium program can be found here.)

the organizers

More than 160 people attended this one-day meeting, which brought together junior and senior scientists from Copenhagen and the wider Danish science community to discuss recent advances in both basic and translational research.

photo from the meeting The audience had the opportunity to meet all of the speakers during lunch and coffee breaks, and the scientists from the UK visited the research facilities in the ICMM and CPR. It is hoped that this symposium will be held either at SUND or at the Crick Institute every year from now on to promote collaborative research between scientists based in Denmark and the UK.