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04. juli 2018

One or more vacant PhD fellowships

Copenhagen Center for Glycomics, ICMM, invites applications for 3-year PhD fellowships in the research area of glycosciences, glycoinformatics, and Drosophila biology. The fellowships are available from Oct 1st, 2018, or as soon as possible thereafter.  

Description of Projects:
  1. Biological roles of new types of O-mannosylation of cadherins and plexins. Cadherins and plexins play important roles in morphogenesis, neurogenesis, and tissue integrity, and their expression and functions are dysregulated in malignancies. The aim of this project is to explore O-mannosylation in Drosophila melanogaster (the “fruit fly”)1.  
  2. In-silico models for cellular glycosylation processes. We are building in-silico models to predict cellular glycosylation outcomes based on experimental studies in cell systems as well as transcriptomics and proteomics data. The aim of this project is to develop models for glycosylation in human cells and rodent host cells used for production of glycoprotein therapeutics2.   
  3. Molecular functions of O-glycans. O-glycans are implicated in many biological processes that contribute to health and disease, including protein folding, stability, intracellular transport, secretion, and directing and mediating host-pathogen interactions, and yet we have limited knowledge of how glycans influence cellular functions at the molecular level. This project aims to examine functions in tissue formation, epithelial homeostasis, cancer formation, and host pathogen interactions using genetic approaches and advanced mass spectrometry3.  

The deadline for applications is Sept. 1st, 2018.

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