01. august 2019

PhD course: Why do we age?  - Molecular and cellular mechanisms of ageing

In a society where age-related disorders are responsible for the vast majority of disease and mortality, there is an ever-increasing interest in understanding and alleviating the processes forcing the organism to age.
This course is a mix of a series of in-depth lectures on molecular and cellular processes in ageing as well as laboratory classes covering advanced experimental methods used to study ageing processes.

By completing this course, you will gain insight into the fundamental biology of ageing in humans and other organisms and have a collection of laboratory methods that you can use to study ageing in your project.    

Course director: Claus Desler - cdesler@sund.ku.dk
The course will be held Nov 18 - 22. 2019

Read more and see Programme for the PhD course

Deadline for signup is 21st of October.