17. september 2020

Vacant PhD Positions in the Center for Chromosome Stability

Following the successful renewal of funding for the CCS until mid 2025, we wish to recruit up to 5 talented and motivated PhD students to conduct high level research within one of the research groups in the center.

he following PhD project areas will be available in 2021:

  • Eva Hoffmann – Genome instability in mammalian germ cells and embryos (collaboration with the Lisby and Hickson groups).
  • Michael Lisby – Genome-wide analysis of meiotic recombination (collaboration with the Hoffmann group).
  • Ying Liu – Analysis genome instability induced by folate deficiency.
  • Niels Mailand - Charting signaling in chromosome stability using CRISPR- and proteomics-based screens (collaboration with the Hickson group). 
  • Luis Toledo – Genomic stability maintenance during cell proliferation.

Applicants should indicate in their motivation letter which of the CCS groups (up to two) they would prefer to join.

Application deadline: 25 October 2020, 23.59pm CET

Read more about the vacant positions