18. november 2021

Vacant PhD fellowship in the Liu group

Center for Chromosome Stability (CCS), Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (ICMM)

The Liu group aims to understand the processes that human cells use to counteract replication stress caused by either internal factors (i.e. oncogene activation), or external factors (i.e. folate deficiency), and why some regions in the genome are particularly susceptible to those factors (e.g. common or rare fragile sites). 

Following the award of a DFF project grant, a PhD fellowship is available in the Liu Group from 1 April 2022 or soon thereafter.

This PhD project will focus on the identification of genomic loci affected by folate deficiency. The previous and current research activities in the Liu group could be found at https://icmm.ku.dk/english/research-groups/liu-group/.  

Candidates with interests and research background in molecular and cellular biology are encouraged to apply.
Application deadline: 30th Dec. 2021

To apply, please follow instructions at this link: https://employment.ku.dk/phd/?show=155272