12. januar 2024

Vacant postdoc positions at CCG

We are offering one or more postdoc positions at the Copenhagen Center for Glycomics (CCG) with the Miller and Schjoldager Groups, commencing from April 1st 2024, or after agreement. 

The Miller Group
The Miller group is home to a highly interdisciplinary team, working at the intersection of genomics, molecular biology, technology platforms, and artificial intelligence. One of our studies has just been published in Science, and we are striving for excellence and impact, we aim to do research that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge, and that benefits citizens health.

The Schjoldager Group
The Schjoldager group are doing research projects related to the discovery and dissection of biological functions of protein glycosylation with a focus on the identification of specific molecular functions of glycoproteins and glycoconjugates that impact human physiology and common diseases and dispositions to disease.

Deadline for applications: Sunday 17 March 2024, 23.59pm CET.

Read more about the vacant postdoc positions in Functional analysis of glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans.