9. februar 2024

Vacant Postdoctoral Research Associate position in Thomas Millers Group

A position as Postdoctoral Research Associate is available in the Center for Chromosome Stability (CCS) (https://ccs.ku.dk/) in a group headed by Assoc. Prof. Thomas Miller.

The post is available from 1st June 2024, or after agreement.

Highly motivated and committed candidates with an interest in eukaryotic DNA replication, DNA damage repair, cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) or single-molecule studies are encouraged to apply. 

The post is fully funded, although the post-holder will be encouraged to seek a personal fellowship to support their research.

The Miller group (https://icmm.ku.dk/english/research-groups/miller-group/) aims to understand the molecular mechanisms that maintain eukaryotic genome stability during DNA replication using a combination of genetic, biochemical, single-molecule and structural techniques, including cryo-EM.

Application deadline: Sunday 10 March 2024, 23.59 p.m. CET.

Read more about the position as Postdoctoral Research Associate.