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CeGeM runs a broad integrated package of PhD courses focussed on the Cell.

A substantial fraction of these courses are practical hands-on laboratory exercises where students are introduced to fundamental as well as more specialized state-of-the-art technologies of wide use in modern biomedicine including gene cloning, expression  and mutagenesis, gene knock down, genetic microarray analyses, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis and advanced mass spectrometry, etc.

We aim for the highest scientific level and all courses are taught by both faculty and invited international experts.

The current and planned PhD courses offered by CeGeM are indicated below 

  • CeGeM and ICMM host an annual 2-day off-site meeting with student posters and oral presentations as well as invited speakers.
  •  CeGeM hosts a PhD-club with seminars and invited lectures.

List of PhD courses:
Structural analysis of Glycoconjugates (3.8 ECTS)
Gene Targeting (5 ETCS)
Basic Gene technology (8 ETCS)
Genetic Therapy (3 ETCS)
Glycobiology (3.5 ETCS)
The Genome Browser's guide to the Genome (3 ETCS)
Genetic Identity (4.8 ETCS)