Innovation at ICMM

- Translating Excellent Science to Practical Solutions

Without compromising excellent basic science we want to secure:

  • A culture that acknowledges results and activities with societal and innovative impact.
  • Create an infrastructure that supports innovative activities, including company building.
  • Promote inter disciplinary activities and collaboration with industry, hospitals, and different research fields.
  • Promote generation of spin out companies.
  • Integrate innovation as part of our education portfolio and engage our students in innovation activities.

All research groups are encouraged to have collaborative projects with clinical departments or industry partner, company building or other significant outreach activities.

Societal impact activities are part of our promotion program and recruitment strategy. 


Innovation officers are available throughout the department to scout and assist collaborations and communication.
For more information contact our innovation officers:

photo of innovation officers



Simon Bekker-Jensen is working on leveraging his work on cellular stress responses towards potential new therapies against Non-alcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH). These efforts are supported by two innovation grants from the European Research Council and The Novo Nordisk Foundation (SPARK program).

Hans Wandall is involved in several spin out companies and other innovation activities: 

  • Scientific co-founder of GO-Therapeutics, producing cancer-specific monoclonal antibodies for specific cancer targeting.
  • Licensed products to Roche and Astellas.
  • Co-founded Hemab ApS, a clinical-stage company developing therapies for bleeding disorders.
  • Co-founded Cymab ApS, a startup company located at BII focusing on treating solid tumors

Morten Scheibye-Knudsen is involved in several different innovation activities:

  • Founding member of VitaDAO, currently valued at >140M USD, featured in Nature Biotech
  • Advisor for the Longevity Vision Fund and Deep Longevity
  • Clinical trial for NR in COPD (pre-print, hopefully soon out):
  • Two spinouts under way (but not started yet): (spearheaded by Michael Petr) and Senescan (spearheaded by Indra Heckenbach and a collaborator Mark Powell).
  • Some outreach, Bloom festival