Research Groups

The research groups at ICMM are divided into five research programs.





Clausen Group: Glycomics, glycobiology, glycosylation, glycoproteomics

Halim Group: Mass spectrometry, glycoproteomics, glycobiology, biochemistry

Joshi Group

R Miller Group: Glycomics, Glycobiology, Mass Spectrometry, Glycosaminoglycans

Schjoldager Group: Functional and Cellular Glycobiology

Vakhrushev Group: Mass Spectrometry, Glycobiology, proteomics, GlycoInformatics

Wandall Group: Genetic engineered human cell and tissue models, Glycoproteomics, Functional Glycobiology, and Cancer therapeutics









Almstrup Group:

Hoffmann Group: Fertility, meiosis, human oocytes, DNA damage response

LA Larsen Group: Functional genomics, heart development, congenital heart disease

Nørremølle Group: Neurodegenerative inherited disorders, disease mechanisms

Silahtaroglu Group: In situ hybridization, epigenetics, non-coding RNAs, cytogenetics

Stewart-Morgan Group:  germ cells, epigenetics, functional genomics

Tommerup Group: Cytogenetics, translocations & inversions, cognitive comorbidity









Blackford GroupDNA repair, mitosis, cancer, evolution

Bohr Group: Mitochondria, DNA repair, neurodegeneration, aging

Bekker-Jensen Group: Cellular stress signalling; MAP kinase activation and signalling

Hickson Group: DNA repair, Bloom's syndrome, premature aging and cancer

Hoffmann Group: Fertility, meiosis, human oocytes, DNA damage response

Liu Group: Chromosomal instability, cancer genetics and premature aging

T Miller Group:  Genome replication, DNA repair, Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM)

Rasmussen Group: DNA damage, -repair, mitochondria, aging, cancer

Scheibye-Knudsen Group: Aging interventions, DNA damage, neurodegeneration









Brahm Group: Erythrocytes, membrane transport, water, nonelectrolytes, anions

Herranz Group: Drosophila tumor models, microRNAs, developmental biology

HC Bisgaard Group: Regenerative medicine, the liver stem cell niche in development

Jafari/Kassem Group: Mesenchymal stem cells, cancer/age-related bone loss

Messerschmidt GroupEmbryology, epigenetics, chromatin, transcription

Olsen Group: Bioinformatics, intestinal differentiation, inflammatory bowel diseases

Petersen/Villadsen Group: Breast cancer, stem cells, breast gland differentiation

Tranum-Jensen Group: Adipocytes, brown fat - embryology, caveolae

Tritsaris/Dissing Group: Angiogenesis, interleukins, PEMF, GLP-1

Vilhardt Group: Microglia, NADPH oxidase, membrane trafficking

Vogel Group: Matriptase, epithelial cells, oncogenic proteolytic activity, cancer









H Nielsen Group: RNA biology, ribozymes, RNA modifications, ribosomes

Haahr Group: Cellular stress responses, cell signaling, protein synthesis, functional genomics, genetic screening

Møllegaard Group: Genome structure, gene regulation, protein phosphorylation

PE Nielsen Group: Gene targeting, antisense antibiotics, PNA, drug discovery & delivery

Svejstrup Group: Transcription, DNA replication and DNA repair