The cell is the basis of all life and disease. Therefore understanding the molecular functions of eukaryotic cells and their communication with other cells and the environment is at the heart of understanding healthy life as well as disease at the molecular level.





Molecular Aging

Medical Genetics


figure of a cell and the five research programs at icmm  Morphogenesis and Differentiation Program 

Glycomics Program

Transcription, RNA, and Gene Medicine Program

The focus of the department is the functional cell, its genetic components and molecular cellular mechanisms in a medical context. With a firm foundation in the basic function of the normal and differentiating cell an understanding of the molecular, cellular and genetic mechanisms behind disease and aging is sought.

The aim of the department is to exploit new discoveries and mechanistic insight as guidelines for translational medicine in terms of novel principles for treatment and diagnosis of disease in an internationally competitive, inspiring, productive scientific environment exploiting state of the art (and beyond) methodology.