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The Center for Gene Expression studies the multiple aspects of gene expression in an integrated manner by bringing together laboratories that span the range of subjects encompassing the process.

Gene expression is the highly conserved pathway used to selectively decipher the coded messages in our DNA. It is essential for making and sustaining cells capable of responding to differentiation cues, stimuli, and insults. Decoding of our DNA occurs via two distinct processes, transcription and translation. The RNA transcripts are initially made as pre-mRNAs which are then processed further, such as by the removal of untranslatable regions of RNA by ‘splicing’. The final product, mRNA, encodes information not only for the synthesis of proteins, but also for regulation. Despite decades of research into gene expression, our understanding of the proofreading processes and feedback loops ensuring that the ‘translation of our DNA’ is coordinated and precise, remains poorly understood. In short, a holistic view of the process is lacking. 

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