14. oktober 2019

Another successful Culture Night (Oplev / Experience DNA) exhibition by the CCS

On the 11th October, a team of eleven CCS scientists held a 'Minilaboratorier/udstilling' called 'Oplev / Experience DNA' as  part of the Copenhagen Culture Night 2019.

foto af Oplev DNA standenFrom 6pm to 11pm, this exhibition was constantly visited by people of different ages.  It seems the most popular activity was extracting DNA from bananas. Over the evening, under supervision of CCS scientists, more than 80 people directly took part in this experiment, most of them were children (the youngest participant was only three years old)!  In addition, observing chromosomes under microscopes and watching videos of dividing cells has also been very interesting to the visitors.  Overall, more than 600 people stopped by to ask questions, or took part in the activities at this exhibition.

foto af Oplev DNA standenFollowing last year’s success, this was the second time that the CCS held this exhibition. It has been an excellent experience for the CCS scientists who have been involved in preparing or presenting at the event. They all felt that their work was greatly rewarded by the enthusiasm and curiosity of the visitors, particularly those young children! For example, a six-year-old boy took part in the DNA extraction experiment for the second year running!  His mother explained that, in the past year, he has kept the DNA he extracted from a tomato last time, and has been waiting to do the DNA extraction experiment again since then!

foto af Oplev DNA standenCCS plans to this exhibition again next year. They look forward to seeing you next year at the Copenhagen Culture Night.