13. maj 2020

New study from Liu group and Hickson group in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

In a new study, researchers from Liu group and Hickson group at Center for Chromosome Stability, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine have discovered two important functions of a protein called RTEL1 during cell division. The researchers hope that the new knowledge will help to find new cancer treatments.

The new study shows that the protein called RTEL1 plays an important role in both S-phase and mitosis.
The results have been published in the scientific journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

Read more about the study in English or read about it in Danish.  (no longer available)

Read the full study “RTEL1 suppresses G-quadruplex-associated R-loops at difficult-to-replicate loci in the human genome” in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.