18. oktober 2021

Copenhagen Culture Night exhibition by the CCS (Oplev DNA) was a great success

As part of the Copenhagen Culture Night on the 15th October, 2021, a team of nine CCS scientists held a 'Mini-laboratory & Exhibition' called 'Oplev DNA’ (Experience DNA). 

the group at culture night

From 6pm to 11pm, visitors of all ages came to this exhibition to read posters, to watch videos of cell division, to observe chromosomes under microscopes, and to extract DNA from fruit using household reagents. It was estimated that about 800 people passed by to ask questions or take part in the activities of this exhibition over the course of the evening.

culture night - extractingSimilar to previous years, the most popular activity was extracting DNA from fruit (bananas this year). About 200 people participated in this activity, including many adults as well as children. Many visitors stopped by to read posters introducing cell division and chromosome abnormalities in cancer. Interesting questions were raised; for example, ‘do longer telomeres allow people to live longer?’; ‘why do people develop cancer when they don’t have any hereditary mutations and have a healthy lifestyle?’; ‘can we use gene editing to cure cancer or genetic diseases?’. It would seem that the COVID19 pandemic has made people more aware the importance of medical science, and keen to improve their knowledge of research in this subject.

culture night - extracting 2Following the success of previous years, this was the third time that the CCS has held this exhibition. It has been an excellent experience for CCS scientists who were involved in preparing and/or presenting at the event. They all felt that their hard work was greatly rewarded by the enthusiasm and curiosity of the visitors! The CCS plans to this exhibition again next year. They look forward to seeing you next year at the Copenhagen Culture Night.

culture night - microscope