29. november 2023

Silja Heilmann has received a Grant from NEYE Fonden

Silja Heilmann has received  DKK 598.071 from NEYE Fonden for the project "Prediction of cancer aggressiveness by AI"

The functional screening for drug sensitivity and metastatic risk of patient cancer cells holds the potential to aid oncologists in selecting optimal treatments for individual patients. However, the effectiveness and high throughput feasibility of this approach relies heavily on the accurate interpretation of bright field images. There is a pressing need for new non-invasive methodologies which can identify and quantify drug sensitivity and metastatic risk of individual patient derived organoids, without perturbing the cells. This interdisciplinary study aims to train a Variational Autoencoder (VAE) for accurately classifying the presence or absence of a more malignant subclone within a larger population of cancer cells.

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