8. juni 2022

Congratulations to Jesper Svejstrup

Center for Gene Expression (CGEN)

The board of the Danish National Research Foundation has decided to support the establishment of a new DNRF Center of Excellence lead by Jesper Svejstrup.

Jesper Svejstrup and the Danish National Research Foundation will now enter into final contract negotiations. The new center will be established for a period of six years, with the possibility of an extension for another four years, with the prerequisite of a satisfactory midterm evaluation.

We all know the expression: “It’s in our DNA”, but how is the heritable information in the genes of our DNA decoded so that it isjesper svejstrup useable?  DNA decoding, or gene expression, occurs in two main steps, transcription and translation. These highly intricate and regulated steps have until now mostly been studied individually, so despite decades of research, the interfaces, proofreading processes, and feedback loops ensuring that decoding of our DNA is coordinated and precise, remain poorly understood.

The Center for Gene Expression (CGEN) will use a wide-ranging repertoire of techniques and approaches to study the multiple aspects of gene expression in a more integrated manner. CGEN will bring together laboratories that span the range of subjects encompassing gene expression. It will be led by Jesper Svejstrup (professor, ICMM), a leader in the field of transcription, who has many years of experience in management at world-leading research institutes whilst also running a successful research group. Moreover, it will involve outstanding younger investigators with expertise in RNA processing (associate professor Lea Gregersen, ICMM) and mRNA translation (professor Simon Bekker-Jensen, ICMM), and a new group leader, whose recruitment is in progress.