Graduate Program for Cellular & Genetic Medicine (CeGem)

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Our Vision at CeGem

’The cell - its genetic components and cellular mechanisms - in a medical context.’

The Focus of ICMM’s graduate program is to establish a firm understanding of fundamental, molecular aspects of human health, and disease exemplified by research from ICMM’s five themes: Medical Genetics; RNA and Gene Medicine; Glycomics; Morphogenesis and Differentiation; and Molecular Aging.

The Vision is to exploit this mechanistic understanding to initiate novel principles of diagnostics and treatments of diseases.

The Goal is to empower PhD students in an internationally competitive, inspiring scientific environment and through various activities and courses of the highest scientific quality to pursue successful and meaningful carriers in academia, industry and all other aspect of society.

In this document, you will find guidelines for the process of enrolling at the PhD school, being a PhD student in CeGem, and living in Copenhagen.

Introduction for PhD students at CeGem  (July 2023)



  • Faculty Representation:
    • Lene Juel Rasmussen, professor, Head of Graduate Program for Cellular & Genetic Medicine
    • Katrine Ter-Borch Gram Schjoldager, associate professor, PhD-coordinator at ICMM
    • Hanne Cathrine Bisgaard (Thrine), associate professor 
    • Hector Herranz, associate professor 
    • Jiyoung Kim, associate professor
    • Daniel M Messerschmidt, associate professor
    • Melanie Blasius, associate professor
    • Abbas Jafari Kermani, associate professor
  • student representation
    • Andrina J Stäubli 
    • Laura Ryder Jordan 
    • Elena von Rohden  
    • Maria Molano I Fernandez 
    • Hannah Rebecca Schorle
    • Kasper Budolph Pedersen



katrine schjoldagerKatrine Ter-Borch Gram Schjoldager

Associate Professor and PhD-coordinator at ICMM

(+45) 35 33 55 41

The PhD coordinator  will contribute to create a dynamic environment with academic-social activities for the PhD students in the graduate programme, as well as being welcoming and responsive to PhD students who reach out with professional and personal questions.