ICMM – University of Copenhagen


All diseases are reducible to active or passive disturbances in cells (Virchow 1852). Indeed the cell constitutes the ultimate target of the Cellular and Molecular Medicine research program. The topics that are particularly well developed include medical genetics, RNA and gene medicine, glycomics, molecular aging, and differentiation and morphogenesis. These areas of research translate into a number of diseases (in particular cancer) and biomarkers for these. >>

Undergraduate Program

The Cellular and Molecular Medicine Undergraduate Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to understanding medical cell and molecular biology including the specific functions displayed by a wide variety of cells. A separate teaching program in Medical Gross Anatomy, Radiology and Embryology has been assimilated and is carried out by faculty from several departments.

Graduate Program

The Graduate programme for "Cellular and Genetic Medicine" (CeGeM) focuses on the functional cell, its genetic components and cellular mechanisms in a medical context. Within an internationally competitive, inspiring scientific environment a wide range of practical laboratory and theoretical courses are offered.