Morphogenesis and Differentiation Program

figure of normal breast gland

Insight into morphogenesis and differentiation is crucial for the understanding of normal organ development as well as pathogenesis including development of cancer. This program focuses on the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms. Our research topics comprise proteins and lipids in membrane domains including their trafficking and sorting, receptors and cell signalling, and stem cell biology.

The program encompasses three key categories: Cellular and molecular characterization of membrane domains including lipid rafts, endocytosis, intracellular trafficking and function of membrane proteins and lipids.
Cellular and molecular characterization of membrane bound receptors, regulation of their associated signalling pathways, protein activity, and gene transcription.
Cellular and molecular characterization of stem cell niches and hierarchies as well as their role in tissue development, homeostasis, regeneration, and deregulation in cancer.

This research program aims to shed light on the molecular mechanisms underlying important aspects of cellular and molecular medicine, the basis of which may provide future improvement in regenerative and cancer therapy

Olsen, Jørgen  Professor
Petersen, Ole William   Professor
Bisgaard, Hanne Cathrine  Associate Professor 
Brahm, Jesper  Associate Profesor
Dissing, Steen  Teaching associate professor
Hansen, Gert   Associate Professor
Herranz, Héctor Associate Professor
Messerschmidt, Daniel, Associate Professor
Tranum-Jensen, Jørgen  Teaching associate professor
Tritsaris, Katerina  Associate Professor
Vilhardt, Frederik  Associate Professor 
Villadsen, René  Associate Professor
Vogel, Lotte K.  Associate Professor
Kim, Jiyoung   Associate Professor 
Jafari Kermani, Abbas Associate Professor
Heilmann, Silja  Assistant professor
Jackson, Abigail Laura, Assistant professor