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Tritsaris/Dissing Group

Morphogenesis and Differentiation Program

Primary research areas

Angiogenesis, Lymphangiogenesis, Inflammation, Interleukins, Cell signaling

Current research

We are currently studying potential effects of IL-20 in combinations with other cytokines on signaling processes in vascular endothelial cells, with special focus on the anti-angiogenic cytokine IL-24, which binds to the same receptor complexes as IL-20. In addition we are investigating the role of IL-20, IL-24 and IL-7 in lymphangiogenesis using a newly developed immortalized lymphatic cell line. Research activities are divided into 4 areas:

  1. Characterization of IL-20, IL-24 and IL-7 activated cellular signaling in vascular and lymphatic endothelial cells.

  2. Effects of IL-20 and IL-24 on the expression levels of pro- and anti-angiogenic factors.

  3. The role of PDGF-BB, FGF and VEGF-C in vessel formation by lymphatic endothelial cells.

  4. Development and application of fluorescent tools for studying protein kinase activities.


Yihai Cao, professor, Karolinska Institute, Sweden Vilhelm Bohr, professor, NIH, Baltimore Lucia Morbidelli, associate professor, University of Sienna, Italy Peter Staller, associate professor, Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC), Copenhagen.


  • Course administrator and teacher at “Course in Medical Cell- and Tissue Biology” Cell Biology for molecular biomedicine students, medical and dental students.   

Selected publications