H Nielsen Group

The research interest of H Nielsen group is RNA biology with emphasis on catalytic RNA and epitranscriptomics.

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  • Anders Lund and Martin Jansson (BRIC, Copenhagen)
  • Peter Brodersen (Copenhagen)
  • Kirsten Grønbæk and Fazila Asmar (Copenhagen)
  • Markus Bohnsack (Göttingen) and Nick Watkins (Newcastle)
  • Jérôme Cavaillé (Toulouse)
  • Carsten Geisler and Martin Kongsbak-Wismann (Copenhagen) and Monika Wolkers (Amsterdam)
  • Daniel Wilson (Hamborg)
  • Steinar D. Johansen and Igor Babiak (Bodø)
  • Ferdinand von Walden (Stockholm)






  • Nielsen, H.*, Westhof, E., and Johansen, S.: An mRNA is capped with a 2’, 5’ lariat catalyzed by a group I-like ribozyme. Science 309, 1584-1589 (2005) [*Corresponding author].
  • Beckert, B., Nielsen, H.*, Einvik, C., Johansen, S. D., Westhof, E., and Masquida, B.*: Molecular modelling of the GIR1 branching ribozyme gives new insight into evolution of structurally related ribozymes. EMBO Journal 27, 667-78 (2008) [*Co-corresponding authors].
  • Meyer, M., Nielsen, H., Oliéric, V., Roblin, P., Johansen, S.D., Westhof, E., and Masquida, B.: Speciation of a group I intron into a lariat capping ribozyme. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 111 (21): 7659-7664 (2014).
  • Birkedal, U., Christensen-Dalsgaard, M., Krogh, N., Sabarinathan, R., Gorodkin, J., and Nielsen, H.: Profiling of ribose methylations in RNA by high-throughput sequencing. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 54(2):451-5 (2015).
  • Krogh N, Jansson M.D., Häfner S.J., Tehler D., Birkedal U., Christensen-Dalsgaard M., Lund A.H., Nielsen H.: Profiling of 2'-O-Me in human rRNA reveals a subset of fractionally modified positions and provides evidence for ribosome heterogeneity. Nucleic Acids Res. 44:7884-95 (2016).
  • Hebras, J., Krogh, N., Marty, V., Nielsen, H.*, and Cavaillé, J*.: Developmental changes of rRNA ribose methylations in the mouse. RNA Biology 17:150-164. (2020) [*Co-corresponding authors].
  • Krogh, N., Asmar, F., Côme, C., Munch-Petersen, H. F., Grønbæk, K., and Nielsen, H.: Profiling of ribose methylations in ribosomal RNA from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients for evaluation of ribosomes as drug targets. NAR Cancer 2(4):zcaa035 (2020).
  • Aquino, G. R. R., Hackert, P., Krogh, N., Pan, K-T., Jaafar, M., Henras, H., Nielsen, H., Urlaub, H., Bohnsack, K., and Bohnsack, M.; The  RNA helicase Dbp7 promotes domain V/VI compaction and stabilization of interdomain interactions during early 60S assembly. Nat.  Comm. 12(1):6152 (2021).
  • Jansson, M. D., Häfner, S. J., Tehler, D. E., Altinel, K., Krogh, N., Jacobsen, E., Andersen, J. V., Andersen, K. L., Ménard, P., Nielsen, H., and Lund, A. H.: .Ribosomal RNA methylation induced by MYC impacts translation to promote cell proliferation. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 28(11):889-899 (2021).


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henrik nielsenGroup Leader

Henrik Nielsen
Professor in RNA enzymes

(+45) 35 32 77 63
CV, Publications, etc.


Transcription, RNA, and Gene Medicine Program