Schjoldager Group

photo af katrine schjoldager

Katrine Ter-Borch Schjoldager
associate professor
room: 7.10.61
(+45) 35 33 55 41



photo of thomas daugbjerg madsen

Thomas Daugbjerg Madsen
room: (in USA)



photo of jarkkoJarkko Juhani Lackman 
room: 7.10



asli topaktasAsli Bahar Topaktas
PhD student
"Exploring the role of LRP2 O-glycosylation in maintaining renal and cardiovascular homeostasis"
room: 7.10


foto af kasperKasper Budolph Pedersen 
PhD student
"Exploring the Functional Consequence of Bioactive Peptide Glycosylation"
room: 7.10


photo of PeterPeter Fruergaard Andersen
PhD student
"Exploring the physiological role of natriuretic peptide proteoforms in cardiorenal function."
room: 7.10


photo of claire beier-holden Claire Beier-Holden
medical laboratory technologist
room: 7.10.10 
(+45) 35 33 54 81



photo of john hintze

John Birger Hjalmar Hintze
visiting researcher
room: 7.10.67
(+45) 35 33 23 14