Tommerup Group

photo of niels tommerup

Niels Tommerup
Professor in Genetics, DMSc
room: 18.3.06
(+45) 35 32 78 26

Cytogenetics, translocations and inversions, next generation sequencing, cognitive comorTil toppenbidity

photo of annemette friis mikkelsen

Annemette Friis Mikkelsen
laboratory technician/lab.manager
room: 18.3.12
(+45) 35 32 78 28 

sanam zeib khan Sanam Zeib Khan
PhD student
"Genetic studies by Xdrop mediated selection of DNA and Whole chromosomes"
room: 18.3
Gina Kiprioti
Erasmus Trainee
room: 18.3
photo of mana mahrjouy

Manaossadat Mahdizadeh Mehrjouy
visiting researcher
room: 18.3.10
(+45) 35 33 55 21

photo of malene bøgehus rasmussen

Malene Bøgehus Rasmussen
visiting researcher

Erling Lauridsen 
research assistant/visiting researcher
room: 18.3.40

Merete Bugge
visiting researcher
room: 22.4.13

Inge-Merete Nielsen
visiting researcher
room: 18.3.52
foto af faryal

Sanam Faryal
visiting researcher
room: 18.3.40

foto af henrik Henrik Vissing
visiting researcher

room 18.3.40

utham mahalingam

Utham Mahalingam
Erasmus trainee
room: 18.3