Vilhardt Group

photo of frederik vilhardt 

Frederik Vilhardt
associate professor 
room: 18.4.12 
(+45) 25 43 22 00
(+45) 35 32 71 20
Microglia, NADPH oxidase, Membrane trafficking, Neurodegenerative disease


photo of izabela rasmussen 

Izabela Rasmussen 
laboratory technician
room: 18.4.22
(+45) 35 32 71 79


photo of helena borland madsen

Helena Borland Madsen
PhD student 
"Handling of pathogenic proteins - Interplay between neurons and microglia"
The project is carried out at H. Lundbeck A/S and Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine


photo of luisana duque villegas

Luisana Carolina Duque Villegas
PhD student
"Exploring new non-cell autonomous mechanisms and treatment strategies in Huntington’s disease: investigating the neuron-astrocyte antioxidant cooperation in the defence against synaptic redox imbalance"
room: 18.4/18.6
(+45) 35 32 63 58


photo of nanna bach poulsen Nanna Bach Poulsen
master's thesis student
room: 18.4


Sofie Metz Jansen
master's thesis student
room: 18.4